DEAFOPIA is a nonprofit organization that provides service to deaf and hearing of hearing businesses with events like trade show events. We believe supporting Deaf Eco System to support many businesses owners all over the world.

DEAFOPIA believes that through our events throughout the United States, eventually, the world, will benefit many deaf and hard of hearing services to their lives as Deaf and Hearing people that can do commerce with thousands of people.

DEAFOPIA believes in providing the best service for Deaf and Hard of hearing commerce system to grow more larger than before by proving free booth spaces to hundreds of deaf and hard of hearing owned businesses. It would be the centralized services where businesses and people will connect together to do businesses and grow the Deaf Eco System.

MISSION: To promote deaf events and increase the Deaf Eco System and bring hundreds of businesses to do commerce with thousands of people all over the world

GOALS: To form an organization to gather all diversity of signing, cultures and deaf community to be joined in one big alliance.

BENEFITS: DEAFOPIA will develop plans to create varieties of services that would benefit Deaf and hearing businesses that can connect thousand of people. We will seek to create events, red carpet events, fund raising events, politics, and media services that will create many signers to benefit from our services. Through our services, would benefit the rich and varied experiences and events in the Deaf and signers’ community, positive self-images are developed which carry over into the deaf businesses, deaf schools, deaf eco system and reach out to many deaf and signers community all over the world.