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DEAFOPIA is an organization that provides variety of unique social event services to deaf and hearing communities with international events like expositions, fundraising events, live streaming services, red carpet planning, specialized deaf events and additional media services. We believe in the universal value of deaf people and hearing people who can sign to connect together in one big alliance.

To promote deaf events, expo, shows, politics, movies & fundraising to spread the awareness of Deaf and signing community.

To form an organization to gather all diversity of signing, cultures and deaf community to be joined in one big alliance.

We offer expositions, red carpet event planning, hosting fundraisers for great causes, live streaming to spread recognition of any large scaled event through website and social media of your choice, and more are in development. We are very excited to be able to provide you all of these services! For more information about the expos, check out info below!l

First expo will be happening in Washington D.C on


  • A place to meet old and new friends!

  • Food Vendors

  • Meet and Greet with Social Media Stars

  • Opportunities to become exhibitors/sponsors

  • Exclusive Merchandise and unique items to shop from!

  • Family Friendly

Any questions? Get at us.

We thrive to provide outstanding experience to everyone including you. We’d love to learn more from you in regards of your concerns or questions you have for Deafopia. We openly accept to feedbacks as well as sponsoring interest. Please don’t hesitate and contact us right away by filling out the contact us form!